5 Methods for Obtaining Genuine Unlimited Instagram Followers

By: iRockNG / September 12th, 2021 / 15 views

Are you looking to increase your Instagram followers and likes by a large and real amount in just a few minutes? Are you fed up with having very few followers on Instagram? Are you looking for people to follow and engage with your posts on Instagram? Here are some great tips that I can share with you. Follow me. Gesta is a great way to get free Instagram followers.

I’m not talking about fake Instagram followers or robots with huge Instagram followings. I am talking about how to gain real human followers. Social media platforms such as Instagram are great places to promote yourself, your products, and your services. However, if you don’t have a lot of followers, this goal might not be possible. Your audience is more likely to get offers and do business online.

Mark Zuckerberg also owns Instagram, which is a popular platform for sharing photos and marketing products. Instagram is home to celebrities, top companies and almost every type of person. 

You don’t need to miss out on the chance of using the app for your own benefit.

Let’s move ada on to the main topic, which is how to get massive amounts of followers on Instagram. Okay, I assume you’re ready. Let’s get there.

Other ways of getting real Instagram followers apart from using voymedia are discussed below.


Instagram Stories were launched last year, imitating Snapchat videos. It has proven to be very popular as users see it as fun and versatile, as well as a great way for them to connect with their audience. You also have the chance to be recommended by Instagram.

How It Boosts Your Followers

You will see a row of Instagram Stories on the top of Instagram’s Explore page. These Stories are there because Instagram chose them based upon the posts you liked and accounts you follow. Instagram might show you Stories from accounts that you have liked or liked by many people. You can be viewed and followed by anyone. This exposes you to a broad audience.

You may be wondering how to get on Instagram’s Explore page. Although it’s not difficult, you must create highly engaging and targeted content. Instagram will give you a higher chance of your Stories being selected for inclusion in the Recommended Stories section of the Explore tab span>

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The average person enjoys videos and photos because they communicate more than words and convey a lot to their audience. Brands and individuals who want to establish trust and reach new audiences can use video content. Relevant video will increase engagement. This means that the more people who like and comment on your posts, the more they will be able to follow you. In other words, Instagram will notice if your posts are getting a lot of engagement within a short time of posting. This signals that you have quality content, and your post will be seen by more people. Your chances of gaining real followers increase the more people that see your posts.

3. SEARCH THE HASHTAG #Likeforfollow.

You can also use the hashtag #likeforfollow to increase your followers. Take a look at your photos and like any that are relevant to your brand or field. While you don’t have to expect everyone to like you immediately, the return rate for most is about 12%. This trick has been used by many to gain thousands of Instagram followers.


Another powerful hashtag to increase your Instagram followers is #shoutout. You can follow the same steps as in number 3, but add #shoutout to the hashtag. People will give you shoutouts on their pages, and people will begin following you immediately.

If you’re the ghost who always appears to check people’s updates but doesn’t comment, it’s time for you to get out. Ghost mode, if you want to increase your followers, then it is important that you start commenting on Instagram posts. It is because valuable comments are more likely to be retweeted. Although people get likes every day, they don’t always check to see who has liked their photos. The user is less likely to look at comments on their photo because they are rarer. You can leave little comments such as ‘great pic’ or ‘nice shot’. You get the idea. This is how much comments can boost your Instagram followers.

I’m sure that you will find these Instagram tips useful. This article is based upon the legal and legitimate ways to increase your Instagram followers without any shady tactics. It is honest and true. If you find this useful, please hit the SHARE button below and let us know in the comments, if there are any other legitimate ways to get massive Instagram followers.


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