5 Reasons Why Free Apps Are Dangerous To Your Health

By: iRockNG / September 13th, 2021 / 13 views

People in this region are very interested in free stuff. This includes free browsing, free WiFi, and free airtime. You might not be safe with some of these apps.

Android Apps

People prefer to download apps for free from the Windows Store, iTunes, and 

Google play store. But the truth is that there are many disadvantages and advantages to downloading these apps. Most of the apps that we use every day in the app world are free. These apps don’t have a price. Unknowingly, however, they are suffering in indirect ways. I will explain the reasons.

Many people don’t know that free apps can collect data about them for marketing purposes. People don’t always read the Terms and Conditions of any app before installing them. These apps collect your data and send it to servers all over the globe. Your data can then be sold to other companies, potentially exposing you to unwanted exposure. Ask yourself why you get unsolicited emails and SMS from unknown sources. How did they obtain your contact information and even your name? This is the real reason.

This is a problem that not all apps are guilty of, but ads-supported apps are. Researchers

 at Queen’s University and the Rochester Institute of Technology, the 

The United States revealed that apps with ads use 16 percent more energy than those without ads. This could reduce the average phone’s battery life by as much as 40 minutes. A

 Microsoft’s study also found that 45 percent of the energy consumed by apps such as Angry Birds is used by location services. These services are designed to determine your location so they can show you the ads.


This isn’t magic. However, ad-supported applications also drain large amounts of data. This is one reason your data (MB) drains so quickly on Android phones. Ad-free apps use up to 100 times more data than these apps. They use an average of 79 percent more network traffic. Apps that require you to view a video to unlock features are an example.

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Ever been in a situation where ads start popping up on your phone screen and annoyingly displaying? Ad-supported apps can also cause problems with your phone’s performance. Ad-supported apps can take up 48 percent more processing time, 22% memory usage, and 46% CPU utilization. If your smartphone is low on memory, this can be quite troublesome. I’m sure you understand what I mean.


Although Google Play Store is considered one of the most secure places to download apps, it doesn’t mean that you are 100% safe. Many of the Play Store’s free apps have secret connections to other internet addresses. While some of these connections can be useful, others are harmful.

Safety first, if you’re so addicted to downloading free apps and using them. To ensure safety, make sure that the app doesn’t contain ads.

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