Best Tips for Printing from an iPhone or iPad

By: iRockNG / September 13th, 2021 / 11 views

You don’t have to believe that your iPad or iPhone can’t print. It’s possible to print photos, documents, and Safari pages using a Wi-Fi printer if you have an iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi.

It’s easy if your printer supports AirPrint which is Apple’s printing standard. Don’t worry if your printer doesn’t support AirPrint, because there are many other options available for printing from an iPhone or iPad.

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AirPrint – How to print from an iPad/iPhone

You will need an iPad or iPhone, as well as an iPod touch, to use AirPrint. An AirPrint-enabled printer is also required. You can see a list of available printers here. AirPrint printers are available from all major printer manufacturers. If you have a wireless printer that is recent, they will likely be AirPrint enabled.

It is easy to print from an iPhone or iPad. It is important that your printer is connected to Wi-Fi and turned on.

Select what you wish to print in Mail or Safari, Notes, Notes, Photos, or any other app that has the share icon. You can choose to have an arrow point out of the square or a straight arrow. To see additional options, such as the sharing icon, you may need to tap three times.

When you view the sharing screen, the print should be at the bottom (which can be scrollable).

Tap Print to see Printer Options and a preview of the print. You will need to print the first time. The AirPrint printer will be found on your iPhone or iPad.

Choose the printer you wish to use. It is likely the only one on the list. But be aware of nearby printers! Select the number of copies you want and then press Print. It’s as easy as that.

If you don’t have an AirPrint printer, here are some steps to print from your iPad or iPhone.

If you don’t own an AirPrint printer, there are third-party apps you can use to help. PrintCentral is a recommended app.

They all function in the same way. A browser will allow you to view files stored on your iPhone/iPad. To physically connect your printer to your iPhone/iPad, you will need to install client software. Then you can click print. Although it isn’t a good idea, it is still possible.

The printer manufacturer’s apps, such as Epson iPrint, Xerox Print Portal, and HP ePrint make it easier to connect to the device via an app. These apps work more like AirPrint because the app talks to the printer. Check your app store to find out if there is an app for your printer made by the manufacturer.

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