DR Olufunmilayo paddle into Taaooma, Rinu, Nigeria skit industry award saga

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Olufunmilayo has paddle into the Taaooma, Rinu and Nigeria skit industry award saga.

Taaooma and her fellow comedians have been dragged online for daring to go and visit Vice-President Osinbajo in Abuja despite the youths of the country have been ”neglected”.

The dragging was led by Rinu on twitter.

Taaooma has since explained why she visited saying it wasn’t about personally boosting her career and it was in a way to favour the youths of the country.

She also later apologised.

Anyway, Dr Olufunmilayo — a social media influencer has now waded into the matter in another level.

He says for Taaomaa to get this dragged shows how the nigerian government has taken shame and disgrace to a new low.

Wading in on the matter, Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted;

”Someone meets the Vice President of Nigeria. She’s been insulted and abused for it.

Do you know what a thing of pride and honour it used to be in the past to meet the President or Vice President of a country?

This current government took shame and disgrace to such a new level.”

taooma nigeria comedy skit


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