“Ladies, if you don’t have up to N500K in your bank account, you shouldn’t consider marrying in 2022.” – Joro Olumofin


Women who do not have at least N500K in their accounts should not consider marriage in 2022, according to Joro Olumofin, a relationship expert.

Ladies, if you don't have up to N500K in your bank account, you shouldn't consider marrying in 2022. Joro Olumofin

In a video, Joro Olumofin explained how some women run the risk of believing they can blow because their husband is wealthy.
According to a relationship specialist, such women become overly reliant on their husbands or males.

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As a result of their lack of self sufficiency, they must cope with the baggage that comes with their husbands. He advised them to save money before falling in love and to focus on their own development first.

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