Richard Mofe-Damijo: How My Wife, Jumobi Gave Up Fame To Build Family (Video)

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RMD Responds To Critics Of His Wife’s Decision To Give Up Fame To Build Family

One of Nigeria’s most successful actors, Richard Mofe-Damijo has responded after his post hailing his wife on their wedding anniversary led to a debate.

The actor said his wife, Jumobi, gave up fame to build their home and he thanked her for it on their anniversary.

This led to a conversation about women being expected to give up their careers to build their homes, whereas men do not have to give up their careers even when married and building a family.

RMD has now responded. He said that his wife only gave up fame but she still has a successful career and a thriving business.

He said his wife made the decision to give up fame “wholly on her own” and he just supported her decision.

He added that his wife made the decision before they got married that she didn’t want to be in the public eye.

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