SORO SOKE!!! After “Mr Zeh” Portable’s Voicing Out, See What Poco Lee Did On The “Zazzo Zeh!!!” Video

poco vs Zazu

Omo! Una no show love Oooo 😂Thank God Portable spoke when he can and a lot has changed since his outburst.

Who noticed the “Zazoo Zeh!!!” was uploaded on Portable’s official Youtube channel and also on the title of the video,Portable‘s name came first.

portable tweet

And not just that Zazoo video was given to him fully, he was also given a contract by Kogbagidi and Poco Lee – so right now, everything will be guided by law.

See the video of him reading his contract HERE

WOW! So if Portable didn’t speak up, his case would have just been used and dumped like many other street acts that went viral sometimes back.

Right now, he has a contract that can still keep him afloat for some years and a glooming Youtube Channel to his name.

At last, Portable Won!

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