The Best Microsoft Outlook Alternative for Email on a Computer

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There seems to be a Microsoft monopoly when it comes to desktop email clients. Microsoft Outlook is the only one that comes to mind. This monopoly is completely justified because Outlook, which is Microsoft’s best program, is also the best client to organize email. Outlook is not free because it is part of Microsoft’s Office suite.


 Express was a basic but free mail client that existed until a few years back. However, it is no more developed or distributed by Microsoft. Even Windows Live Mail, which replaced it in 2016, is no longer supported.

Microsoft Outlook’s unique function is the ability to manage the tasks and calendars of people (Task Management and Event Management). It is also used in over 90% of companies due to its integration with Microsoft 

Exchange email server. If you work in the company, you will see that all internal contacts are shared. There are many extensions and plugins that can be added to Microsoft Outlook to expand your options.

These qualities are difficult to duplicate on another program. Fortunately, there are no free options: this guide will show you the best alternatives to Outlook. We can use them for free and with no restrictions in one case, even if we have the Windows 10 operating systems.

Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

We will be analyzing and evaluating the free alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. Alternative clients can be downloaded, installed on your PC, and used for free to manage email and emails.

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Thunderbird is the most popular free alternative program that we can install on our computers at the moment.

Outlook Thunderbird supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. It uses a wizard to create mail accounts using all the popular WebMail services such as Outlook, 

Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.

Other notable features include support for RSS feeds from news sites and blogs, management newsgroups, and integration with online calendars such as Outlook, Gmail, and other business sync services. Thunderbird’s main benefit is its ability to be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU / Linux. Thunderbird’s many extensions make it extremely customizable and rich in features.

Thunderbird is perfect at home, where it can compete with Microsoft Outlook and be superior to the Windows 10 Mail App (in some ways too easy and not very configurable).

However, the problem is in corporate environments. Thunderbird is difficult to use in offices. It requires complex configurations that require the system administrator intervention.

We invite you to explore the Thunderbird guide, which is the most popular and free email program available on PC.

Other email clients are available for free

These are the top email clients that can be used to access Microsoft Outlook from your computer. Let’s see if we like any of them until we find one that works best for us. If we don’t like any of these programs, you can always try the free client listed below.

Gmail is all we need

Instead of configuring thousands of programs, we can use Gmail to manage our Gmail accounts.

Gmail, even though it isn’t a client that must be installed on the computer but a web application accessible through an internet browser is packed with features so it can compete with any client. Gmail is fully integrated with Google Apps and supports IMAP and POP.

It is more powerful than Outlook because you can send and receive emails from any computer, anywhere you are, using your Gmail mail account.

Many people are not aware that Gmail has many settings and functions. One of these is the ability to group conversations (hits, replies) and to reply to multiple emails.

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