The day I lost my virginity, I called my father to inform him – Kizz Daniel

Daniel Anidugbe, better known by his stage name Kizz Daniel, a Nigerian artist, has said that his father was the first person he called when he lost his virginity at the age of 21.

The day I lost my virginity, I called my father to inform him - Kizz Daniel

The “Mama” singer revealed this in a recent interview with The Will Downtown Magazine, in which he discussed becoming a dad and his connection with his father. Kizz Daniel said; “My dad is my best friend. I used the word ‘is’ because he’s still in my heart after him, then my brother. So I was really close to my dad but not so much with my mum.

“As a normal dude, the day I lost my virginity, I should have called my friends but it was my dad. I lost my virginity at the age of 21 —as a kid, I was a bookworm and a huge nerd.

“I studied Water Engineering and graduated with a 4.32 GPA —so I’m narrating everything to him; from the beginning, all the way to the end and he laughed from start to finish. It was a very weird conversation but that just goes to show how deep the bond went.”

The father of two remarked that becoming a parent has made him more conscious of what is going on around him, and that he now thinks twice before spending a naira.

The day I lost my virginity, I called my father to inform him - Kizz Daniel

He said; “I’m a father and I’m quite particular about energy not just around me but around everyone close to my kids and the mother of my kids. It made me more responsible.

“Now I think twice before spending one naira. I used to be a sports car enthusiast, now I’m an SUV guy. I just bought a 2021 Lexus 520 and when I wanted to get it, I knew I wouldn’t drive it. All my cars are sports cars; I’m not a big car kind of guy but now I have to be one.”

The Grammy winner also addressed his recent assertion that the entertainment industry is a cabal on social media.

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He said; “What happened exactly was someone showed me a tweet from a colleague complaining about an artiste not being nominated for an international award, and this colleague had a strong argument.

“The artiste in question had a more significant impact on the international scene than the artistes on the list but he wasn’t there.

“Why do we always have to lobby before we get nominated for an award? Do you get what I’m saying? It’s a cabal. Na people wey you know. I wish I could say more but I can’t.

“But it’s the truth and the industry knows. I didn’t say anything the industry didn’t already know.”

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